Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Mommy and Me trip to the Big Apple!

We decided to be adventurous last weekend and take the bus to New York City from DC so we could meet up with John Patrick's Gaga and Grandpa and Aunts Becky and Suzanne. Daddy was home working hard to finish his doctoral dissertation and we figured NYC would be more fun that trying not to bug him at home! Little man did great on the bus- he was SO excited to ride the bus, and totally chilled out listening to his favorite song on the iPod- "Good Morning" from the musical Singin' in the Rain. That and his poems from Daddy on the iPod and pointing out every bus and car and truck that passed by made time go fast!

We had a fun weekend walking the city with the family. Saturday morning little man and I got up early and explored a little around our hotel on the east side. We had a yummy breakfast together at a little diner, and he was totally amazed by all the taxis and bags of garbage on the streets. "Yuck yuck!!!" he kept saying! After everyone else was awake we went down to Chinatown, where John Patrick had fun playing on a great playground in the warm sun, and then we headed to Little Italy for pizza at Lombardi's- America's 1st pizzeria. It was SOOOOO yummy. Then we ventured out for gelalato. John Patrick loved it so much he ate all of his and half of mine. He fell asleep at naptime murmuring, "Ice cream.... mmmmmm.. good...."

Although it was a quick trip, we had so much fun and it was great to see the family!

Excuse the crappy pics.. couldn't take my real camera with me, so had to settle for the crappy old point and shoot, but at least we got some pics. Better than nothing!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

John Patrick is now 17 1/2 months and is more fun than ever! Happy Valentine's Day!

Some of his favorite new things to say are : Our Father... and pray the whole prayer, Hail Mary, calling Daddy "William", come on, I think so, I did it!, toilet, so many more I can't remember all right now! Little man is ready to go outside, so more later!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

1st Snowfall 2010- John Patrick 15 months

Today was our 1st snowfall in MD! John Patrick hated the snow last year when he was just about 5 months old, and he wasn't much a fan of it this time, at first. He hated the feel of it on his hands, yet refuses to wear his mittens. Once he finally agreed to keep the mittens on, he had more fun, and we even took a walk to the park. We were the only crazies out though, so no playmates :) Hoping for a snow delay or snow day, but with only a few inches on the ground, I don't think it's going to happen for us this time!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Visiting Santa- almost 15 months

I never expected John Patrick to freak out like he did with Santa this year. He is such an extrovert, and just loves being around new people, it never occurred to me that he would scream! But it made for some pretty classic pictures!